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The Memory Care of Westover Hills Alzheimer’s/Dementia Program is customized for each resident. Alzheimer’s Disease presents itself with varying levels or stages, and the resident needs will change based on the current stage and progression of the disease. The program relies on these key components:

1. Resident Evaluation:  Evaluations are performed to evaluate cognitive function, social engagement, nutrition needs, and mobility/physical function which identifies the abilities, frailties, and requirements of each resident.

2. Personalized Care Plans:  As a result of the evaluations, an individualized care plan is constructed with the overall strategy of strengthening the residents’ abilities, maximizing function and promoting independence. These care plans may include partnering with occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and a host of other functional activities designed to enhance each resident’s abilities.

resident roadmap for care

3. Stage Appropriate Social Engagement:  With the multiple stages of dementia, residents in our community are matched with other residents that have similar functional abilities. Activities that are ideally appropriate for their level of involvement, and social engagement, will allow them the best interaction with both residents and staff.

4. Resident Pathway:  Each resident will have a structured pathway that is outlined based on his/her personalized care plan. The pathway includes their daily, weekly, and monthly schedule of individual and group activities. Each resident’s pathway is customized and identifies for the staff exactly what the needs the individual resident are and the activities to do each day. 

At Memory Care of Westover Hills, we believe it is important to keep residents very active. We incorporate a physical and occupational therapy based exercises and principles throughout our Activities strategy. Making a bed, making a snack, or setting the dining room table are important daily activities that promote functional independence. To this end, our activities coordinators work closely with our physical and occupational therapy partners to design individualized activity plans.

Our program provides activities in an environment that meets the social, physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive stimulation needs of our residents.

Daily Activities

Exercise/Physical Activity
Cognitive Stimulation
Social Interaction
Spiritual/Faith Based Activities
Personal Time
Music Activities
Sensory Stimulation

Regularly Scheduled Activities

Baking and Cooking
Art Therapy
Brain Fitness
Pet Therapy
Spa/Massage/Barber Shave
Music – (Group)
Education – (Continuing)

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